Success Stories

Thank You

The site has been wonderful. I have made some amazing friends and enjoyed experiencing a dating life once again. Its great - keep it up!!! It feels so good to have the huge elephant out of the room right away and I can relax and know I will not be rejected for it at a later point. Thank You

Thanks for a truly AWESOME site

Your site is absolutely 100%, beyond a shadow of a doubt totally AWESOME. Best dating site I've ever been on. A wealth of support and information. A *great* place to be. Your site played a HUGE role in my healing process, and for that, I could never thank you enough. The blogs have been through it before and it got better. I'm sure it will get better again. I just need to move on for myself.Thanks for a truly AWESOME site, will come highly recommended to me to anybody I know or learn about that has an STD.

It made me realize that I'm not alone.

I was comforted to see that something like this was available. It made me realize that I'm not alone, and that there are a lot of other people out there with the same physical condition as myself, and in spite of that are allowing themselves a live a "normal" life. It's probably just too soon for me. You folks are doing a good thing...Thanks.

Found my Best friend and partner

Thank to Positive singles I met Robbob55 Super bowl Sunday and have been together since then. I new when I met him he was a match for me. This person has changed my life meeting someone is very hard and I am happiest I have been in a long time.

I met the woman of my dream

After talking to someone for 9 months off here I have finally convinced her to meet up with me. I am glad we did. She is a perfect match for me. Yesterday we finally went on a date it was quite possibly the best date I have been on in my life. Online dating hasn't really been my strong point but I do believe good pictures can make a huge impact on getting more responses. I can see a future with this woman and we are both the same level. Thanks for bringing us together.

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